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Barbara Cameron


Photo was taken by Barbara Cameron

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to go to Africa.. My dream came true back in June of 2004. I was invited by my friend Shelene who had been to Uganda the previous year.  She was so rocked by what she saw, she felt she had to do something! She saw a need for bicycles.  Bicycles to the Ugandan people are like cars to Americans, and many of them can't afford to buy one. So, Shelene decided to have an "African party," in which she showed a power point presentation of her trip and an idea she had to purchase bicycles and sponsor a child.

She raised enough money to buy over 100 bicycles! She had pictures of African children that were in need of sponsors and those who attended the party sponsored a total of 25 children.  She called her ministry "Jungle Ride."  For  $85.00 people can purchase a bicycle and a box of food.  She  presented the money she raised from her event to Dave Phillips, head of the Children's Hunger Fund   Dave said to Shelene, "Well I guess you will be going back to Uganda". In her typical fashion, she replied, "Like you have got to be kidding!" Dave told her that she needed to go back and distribute the bicycles herself. Shelene told me about her next trip and wanted me to go with her! This was so exciting I could hardly stand it.  So in June of 2004 we headed to Uganda Africa with the Children’s Hunger Fund (click on the "Watch Africa video" to see this).  This was my first trip of four  as of June 2006, and I am about to head off for another trip to Uganda with a team of 17 people to take God’s love to Africa.

My passion is to see these children taken care of, and through the African Renewal Ministries you can help. For just $35.00 a month, you can sponsor a child in Uganda! They will receive an education, a desperately-needed pair of shoes, a uniform, food, and they will learn about Jesus.  You can even go and visit your child! To learn more about sponsoring a child go to

In 2010 was birthed!


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